Ofdrykkja – Irrfärd (2017)


Unleashing one of the most harrowing and despair-filled releases of 2017, today we have Sweden’s Ofdrykkja and their sophomore full-length release “Irrfärd”. Featuring a highly oppressive and atmospheric sound, this band unleashes seven ravaging tracks of crushing music that is quite dense and engaging. If you are a fan of bands like Lifelover, Dodsferd and similar outfits, you will definitely enjoy this one.

The album title track starts the release with a very moody and bleak acoustic intro, just the perfect warm-up for the emotional beating to come. As “En vandrares börda” warms up, we are treated to incisive riffs that are nicely paired with clean acoustic guitars. As the mournful vocals make their entrance, the track’s sound and atmosphere tours sour, creating a very demoralizing song.

After the bleakness of “Generations of Hurt”, “En fragmentarisk resa genom tidsrymden” is our favorite song in this release thanks to its bleakness. We particularly enjoy how the deranged vocals play against the clean vocal passages as the more melodic sections are crushed by more chaotic and dissonant passages. Going into more melodic territories, “Mother Earth, Devour Me” is a brilliant track filled with catchy passages and dramatic tempo changes.

For those looking for a more Lifelover/Bethlehelm-esque experience, the madness of “Ungdomssår” creates a very dense atmosphere that is both punishing and violent. This track also features some pummeling drums and an intense tempo at times, making it one of the most appealing songs of the album. Easing the listener off to eternal slumber, “Beneath a Starlit Sky” is a lush atmospheric piece that provides an emotive closing for a very emotional release.

Overall, “Irrfärd” is one hell of a miserable release that perfectly transmits raw emotions. Ofdrykkja is definitely at the top of their game and fires on all cylinders in this one. If you are a fan of the genre and want to be floored, this is definitely one of the better album from this genre in 2017.

Band: Ofdrykkja Album: Irrfärd

Label: Avantgarde Music

Release: December 18th, 2017

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Depressive/Atmospheric Black Metal

Country: Sweden

Rating: 90/100

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