Circle of Salt – Suffer the Cold (2017)


Originally released in 2015, today we have Circle of Salt’s savagely primitive and raw debut full-length release: “Suffer the Cold”. Featuring two tracks and nearly 40 minutes of levelling Atmospheric Black Metal, this one-man battalion delivers one hell of a crushing sound that will strike fear into the uninitiated.

The release opens with the 19-minute album title track, as it creates a very martial and dense atmosphere with commanding riffs and precise percussions. The band’s sound is quite oppressive and yet simple and raw, there is a certain beauty to be able to craft such a devastating atmosphere with barbaric proportions with only a handful of instruments. Maikan’s harsh vocals perfectly adorn the desolate landscape crafted by the intensity and craftiness of this track.

Quickly delivering soul crushing blows, “Beneath the Frozen Moon of Imbolc” continues the intensity with more ravaging atmospheric elements perfectly wrapped around punishing riffs and drum patterns. This track is quite dense and very effective in terms of transitions and changing things up to keep it fresh and demoralizing. There is a certain magic to the band’s uniquely brutal approach that mixes old-school rawness with atmospheric aggression in a perfect way.

Overall, “Suffer the Cold” is a truly punishing release that needs no fancy elements or studio magic to be pummeling and violent. Circle of Salt’s music is very oppressive and will catch any listener by surprise. If you are into Atmospheric Black Metal and are looking for something simple and yet powerful, look no further and pick up a copy of this excellent release.

Band: Circle of Salt Album: Suffer the Cold

Label: Avantgarde Music

Release: December 18th, 2017

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal

Country: Canada

Rating: 90/100

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