Over the Voids – Over the Voids (2017)


In the same vein of bands like Mgła and Batushka, Polish outfit Over the Voids delivers a barrage of savage Black Metal tunes in their debut self-titled release. Set to be unleashed by Nordvis productions, this mysterious band perfectly combines intensity with craftiness to deliver on of the most hectic and devastating Black Metal releases of 2017.

Starting with the 14-minute demoralizing opener “Battle of Heaven”, the band unchains killer riffs and quirky atmospheric passages to create a very dense and powerful atmosphere. With furious guitars and hyperintense drums, “Ghosts Lay Eggs” continues to steamroll through the listener’s speakers with gusto and fury. As the song winds down, we are able to breathe again but still under the influence of the band’s devilish tremolo picking and sinister melodic outbursts.

Changing the tempo a bit in “Prophet of the Winter”, the band continues to show their skill by delivering an equally intense track but with a different structure, keeping things fresh and engaging in such a ravaging manner. Closing with the 9-minute enigmatic “Never Again Will They Hunger”, we are totally creeped out (and very pleased) by the hellish vocal arrangements and underlying melodic undertones of such a crushing piece of music.

Overall, “Over the Voids” is one hell of a presentation card for this band. As most recent Polish bands, Over the Voids takes the genre to new heights with unrivaled intensity and dissonance. We are quite pleased with such a ravaging debut and will keep our eyes out for this outfit in the future.

Band: Over the Voids Album: Over the Voids

Label: Nordvis

Release: November 17th, 2017

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Black Metal

Country: Poland

Rating: 90/100

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