Manetheren – The End (2017)


Delivering a truly unique aural experience, today we have Manetheren and their latest opus “The End”. Formed by USA based Azlum and members of Blut aus Nord on drums among others, this band unleashes a very unique mixture of Atmospheric Black Metal with influences of DSBM and Post-Black Metal. Featuring over 60 minutes of music, this album takes the listener through the journey of a human traveling across a dying world.

The album opens with the gut-wrenching “The Sun that Bled”, an 11-minute piece that sets a bleak mood with some mid-paced Black Metal. The band reminded us a bit of Ancient on their “The Cainian Chronicle” days, as the music is quite melodic and yet harsh and punishing. Things pick up a bit with the more intense passages of “An then Came the Pestilence”, which are perfectly outlined with very atmospheric sections that allow for dramatic contrast.

On “The Ritual” we are treated to awesome drum patterns courtesy of Thorns, reminding us of more streamlined Black Metal bands, but always keeping that deep atmospheric core that makes this release very dense and intoxicating. Delivering a complete sense of hopelessness, “When All is Still, There is Nothing” is a track that sends shivers down your spine thanks to the bleak landscapes that it paints with the perfectly spaced out moments of aggression and melodic passages. This last track showcases the band’s masterful ability to create lush music that transmits deep feelings of hopelessness.

Closing the release with two of the album’s best tracks, “Darkness Enshrouds” perfectly amalgamates raw Black Metal ideas into more Melodic BM and even some Post-BM elements, creating a beautiful piece. Lastly, “The End” puts this album to sleep with vicious riffing, blistering drums and very well timed bleak passages of loneliness. Overall, Manetheren does an amazing job in creating a very atmospheric and punishing release. Staying away from any gimmicks, “The End” is one of the most demoralizing Atmospheric Black Metal releases of 2017.

Band: Manetheren Album: The End

Label: Avantgarde Music

Release: February 22nd, 2017

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal

Country: USA/Italy

Rating: 91/100

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