Rest – Rest (2016)


Delivering a pulverizing mixture of Crust/Sludge and Black Metal, today we have Italy’s Rest and their self-titled debut release. Featuring five tracks of expertly crafted incisive riffs and a throbbing bass guitar onslaught, this release is one of those short but sweet albums that leaves you begging for more.

The album opens with the Crusty onslaughts of tracks I and II. The band quickly creates a punishing atmosphere of catchy and powerful riffs that revolve around engaging drums and very fitting screams. The intensity of the bass guitar and drums allows the band to be quite heavy and very fast-paced. Things move more into Black Metal territories with the savage track “III”, which perfectly showcases the band’s versatility and unique take on the genre.

With “IV” warming of the way for the best and final track in this release: “V”, the band saved the most unique and engaging piece for last. This song features very oppressive layered guitars that instantly captivate the listener. Paired with the samples of people arguing and lamenting, this song is something that Neurosis, The Ocean or Amenra wish they could have come up with.

Overall, “Rest” is a very promising release from a band that hopefully continues their musical path. There are plenty of good ideas thrown in the mix, allowing the band to deliver a very unique and pummeling musical experience. If you are a fan of everything ranging from Post-Metal to Sludge, this is certainly something you want to check out.

Band: Rest Album: Rest

Label: Third I Rex

Release: November 27th, 2016

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Crust/Sludge/Black Metal

Country: Italy

Rating: 86/100

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