Distractress – Escalate The Thrill (2009)


Arriving from Finland, this month we have Distractress 3-song demo called “Escalate The Thrill”. This relatively young band does an interesting job in mixing Trash Metal influences with a modern Metal influences. The band sometimes sounds like the newer Amoral, in a good way! Nobody can sound as bad as Ari Koivunen does in that album.

Anyways, “Escalate The Thrill” features 3 songs that will have many people scratching their heads as why the band chose to use clean vocals over Trash Metal influences paired with Melodic Metal. However, the band does pull it off to some extent. Sometimes the clean vocals get a bit overpowering and just sound annoying, but the band has the right idea when it comes to the music.

The basic guitar riffing is very Trash oriented and sounds great. On top of that they have pretty solid guitar solos that propel the music into a Melodic Metal realm and this is all great. The drumming is very solid and fills the songs very nicely. The overall recording quality of this release is also great, showcasing all the band’s musical abilities and showing their interesting musical direction.

However, everything comes crumbling down at times with the odd sounding vocals, they need to decide on one style, or get a better sounding vocalist. As for the overall song structure, you can see sparks of quality in them but there is a bit missing for the band to take it to the next level. Nothing major, just a little work needed to make their songs better.

Overall “Escalate The Thrill” belongs to our good demo’s list. There is some work to be done, but Distractress is more than halfway into being a pretty solid band, with their own sound. So go over to their MySpace and check their latest tracks, we are sure you will not be disappointed with what you will listen.

Band: Distractress Album: Escalate The Thrill
Label: Unsigned

Release: September 4th, 2009

Official Site myspace
Genre: Modern Metal/ Trash Metal

Country: Finland

Rating: 80/100

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