Domina Noctis - Second Rose (2008)

I would assume that this Italian band is trying to follow their fellow Italian’s Lacuna Coil into international stardom, but they are doing it without selling out. This release in my opinion is 10 times better than anything Lacuna Coil has released in the last 5 years.

Now that I got that out of my chest, Second Rose is a very solid sophomore release from Domina Noctis. While they clearly fit into the Gothic Metal genre, this album has small details that make it stand out from many other releases, and many other bands.

The songs themselves have some electronic style keyboards that make them different from other purely gothic metal bands and makes them very enjoyable. The thing that makes them stand out is Edera’s vocals, since they sound very original with their musical style.

The music it self you can consider it simple but very effective since each song is very well put together and they all sound very good and catchy.

The album also features a very catchy cover of Patti Smith Group “Because The Night”, you have to listen to it to believe it. Like I mentioned before the band’s musical claim to fame is their female singer, but in some tracks the guitar work is very good and very well complemented by the keyboard and electronic sounds.

In general this is a very decent release, and if this band keeps up the good work, I’m pretty sure they will be recognized for it in the future.

Band: Domina Noctis Album: Second Rose
Label: : Black Fading Records Year: 2008
Official Site
Genre: Gothic Metal

Country: Italy

Rating: 82/100

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