Dol Theeta - The Universe Expands (2008)

I have to say that this album is something very interesting, at first I thought I had the wrong band and I was reviewing some weird DJ shit, but nope, this Greek band plays some type of weird progressive / electro music with metal influences so I would just put it in on the category that everything weird goes into: Avant-garde Metal.

Let me tell you the production of this album is amazing since you can hear every single detail in the music with perfect clarity. They do tend to emphasize the synthesizers too much, but this is the main core of the bands sound.

During the time I was listening to this album I felt that I was on a journey through space and time since each song is very well crafted to provide that feeling.

The female vocalist complements the music perfectly like a narrator to this experience. Also the few metal elements that this album contains are very well layered on top of the atmosphere created by the music. The guitar solos are very well crafted in between the songs to keep the songs fresh and the listener engaged.

I have to say that I was delighted that I did not stopped listening to this release after the first few tracks since it’s a very nice change from all the metal music that I listen on a regular basis. And I’ll be sure to put this on my playlist then next time I want to travel into space.

Band: Dol Theeta Album: The Universe Expands
Label: electronicARTmetal Records Year: 2008
Official Site
Genre: Avant-garde Metal

Country: Greece

Rating: 85/100

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