Inferi - The End of an Era (2009)

While Nashville, Tennesee is not usually know for its metal bands Inferi calls this city home. This bands release is very good if you don’t consider two things: 1) Very bad recording/mixing and 2) Terrible vocals (or it might be the recording).

Inferi plays melodic death metal, and they do so with a lot of energy and brilliant precision since most of their songs are very fast in nature and therefore their guitar work is amazing, I cant say much for the bass guitar since you can’t hear it. But the drumming is very good (it would be better if the recording was not this bad).

When I listen to bands like this it frustrates me that bands that suck like Killshit Engage have recording deals and can record their albums anywhere in the world under the best producers, and bands like Inferi have to settle to record wherever they can and their recordings come out with terrible sound.

This album features great parallel guitar work as well as some very interesting solos, and if you could appreciate the drumming more it would be stellar as well.

I greatly recommend this release for anybody looking for some good melodic death metal album, but beware of some terrible vocals.

Band: Inferi Album: The End of an Era
Label: Unsigned Year: 2009
Official Site
Genre: Melodic Death Metal

Country: USA

Rating: 80/100 (the vocals and production bring this score down)

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