Tardy Brothers - Bloodline (2009)

The Tardy brothers if you where living under a rock for the last 20 years, or are too young to know, are 2 of the founding members of Obituary (vocals and drums). I was very interested in listening to this album since they announced it. And let me tell you this album arrived 10-15 years late.

While you can clearly notice the typical vocal style of Obituary, the Tardy Brothers music is more of a trash metal and death metal. I would have imagined that the brothers would have broaden their musical horizons in the last few years, but apparently they have been listening to their old tapes and LP’s for too long.

As the songs of this album kept playing I was finding my self more and more bored by it, while it’s not bad by early 90’s standards, by today standards is more of a melancolical trip down memory lane (if we can still remember something from those wild times).

This album does contain some good guitar solos and melodies as well as drum tracks but just the outdated sound the band has kills it for me.

If I was reviewing this album years ago I would have given it a very high rating, but now I’m left with nothing else but disappointment and I find my self digging out my old Obituary CD’s.

Band: Tardy Brothers Album: Bloodline
Label: Candlelight Year: 2009
Official Site
Genre: Death / Trash Metal

Country: USA

Rating: 60/100

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