IXXI - Elect Darkness (2009)

IXXI sound is very traditional of the current progression of many black metal bands, since they combine elements of black metal with trash metal with perfection. Most of the song have catchy melodies while being aggressive, it kind of reminds me of Satyricon when they released Volcano, however I prefer this album.

The harsh vocals are almost identical to Satyr’s vocals and provide a perfect match for the sound of the band. The guitar riffs are strong and repetitive but never dull, the drums are perfectly executed and typical of a black metal release.

In general this release is something nice to add to your collection of black metal since the music is very solid and well executed. But it does not provide any innovation to the genre.

Band: IXXI Album: Elect Darkness
Label: Candlelight Year: 2009
Official Site
Genre: Black /Trash Metal

Country: Sweden

Rating: 75/100

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