Blut Aus Nord...Memoria Vetusta II - Dialogue with the Stars (2009)

When you listen to Blut Aus Nord you can count on listening to a band that has the same musical style since they where conceived. However their style, while primitive, is more mature in this release than their previous albums.

If you like fast paced harsh black metal this is the album for you, however they do have some nice instrumental interludes in their songs and also some calm parts that sound better than the majority of the album.

The slow passages are the highlight of the album for me since they pace the music perfectly and prepare you for the next aural assault.

The typical vocals for this type of releases don’t do it for me in this album, and also during the mixing process it seems they disappeared underneath the guitar tracks.

This album is good in general terms and overall has good production quality, I would recommend for followers of the band and the genre itself.

Band: Blut Aus Nord Album: Memoria Vetusta II - Dialogue with the Stars
Label: Candlelight Year: 2009
Official Site
Genre: Black Metal

Country: France

Rating: 80/100

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