Blood Tsunami - Grand Feast For Vultures (2009)


Blood Tsunami is a 4 man Norwegian band that features Faust, of Emperor fame, on drums. The sound of the band can be said it’s Melodic Trash Metal, but with Death and Black Metal style vocals.

The sound of the band is very dynamic and never gets dull, all riffs in the songs are greatly written and it truly showcases the bands talents, especially since “Grand Feast For Vultures” is the band’s 2nd full length release.

One problem that I find with this album is that while the drumming is very fast, brutal and perfectly executed, the guitar work is not as ‘heavy’ as expected. While the riffs are very melodic in nature, they seem to lack enough punch to follow the drumming, it might be the mixing of this album that cause that problem.

The best song in this release is “Eceladus Rising” which is a 13 minute instrumental that propels this album to be one of my favorite albums of this genre; it’s very melodic with great guitar solos and very tight drumming.

Besides the characteristic Melodic Trash Metal sound that this band has, the thing that makes them be more interesting for me is the mixture of deep growling vocals and Black Metal like shrieks for backing vocals. This is one of the things that made this album an interesting release to listen, while some people might argue that they don’t fit the music style, I say that it’s an interesting experiment that gives Blood Tsunami a unique sound of their own.

“Grand Feast For Vultures” is a very good album that has some power missing, but it still packs enough punch to be worth the money. I would recommend this album to all people that like Melodic Trash Metal, and also to the people that like Melodic Death Metal since it features great melodic songs and brutal vocals.

Band: Blood Tsunami Album: Grand Feast For Vultures
Label: Candlelight Records USA

Release: May 5, 2009

Official Site myspace
Genre: Melodic Trash Metal

Country: Norway

Rating: 85/100

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