Dreaded Void – The Abyssal Plane of Suffering (2016)


Arriving from Australia with great brutality and rawness, today we have Dreaded Void and their debut EP “The Abyssal Plane of Suffering”. Delivering over 20 minutes of gut-wrenching Black Metal, this is one of those few releases that while being quite brutal and harsh, it manages to be engineered to sound perfect.

The EP kicks off with the blistering riffing of “Abyssal”. This track is filled with hate as we can hear from the combination of screams and growls that overtake the intensity of the riffing and drumming. There is a nearly instantaneous wall of sound being delivered via the relentless riffing onslaughts. Like a bag of bricks directly to the face, “The Murk” continues the ravaging with very brutal screams and a very sinister mood.

Closing with “Fiendish Curse”, the song has a certain Norwegian Black Metal vibe to it. This track focuses on delivering waves of pummeling drums and riffs while changing tempos to keep things fresh and interesting. Overall, “The Abyssal Plane of Suffering” is one hell of a debut EP which keeps the listener to the edge of its seat. If you are looking for a new BM band to keep an eye out for, we can certainly recommend Dreaded Void and their unrelentless rawness.

Band: Dreaded Void Album: The Abyssal Plane of Suffering

Label: Dark Adversary Productions

Release: September 9th, 2016

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Black Metal

Country: Australia

Rating: 88/100

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