Allegaeon – Proponent for Sentience (2016)


Hailing from the mountains of Colorado, today we have American Melodic Death Metal battalion Allegaeon and their latest opus “Proponent for Sentience”. Perfectly blending influences from the modern Technical Melodeath scene with old-school Melodic Death Metal and regular Death Metal elements, this band delivers seventy two brilliant minutes of hyper catchy and very crafty music. For fans of bands ranging from Death to The Black Dahlia Murder, this release will leave you exhausted from too much headbanging.

Wasting no time, the band completely blows the lid of this release with a trippy atmospheric intro that bleeds into a no holds barred riffing barrage on “Proponent for Scentience I – The Conception”. The band pummels through “All Hail Science” and “From Nothing” delivering waves of acrobatic technical passages that put many bands to shave. One of our personal favorites is the mixture of acoustic guitars and different percussions used on “Gray Matter Mechanics – Apassonata Ex Machinea”.

With the second part of the album title track, “Proponent For Sentience II – The Algorithm” we get the band’s sound augmented by dramatic orchestrations, similar to outfits like Xerath. With so many killer songs featuring intricate guitar work and hyper fast drums, this album shows a wide gamut of elements perfectly incorporated together. Another personal favorite song is the pummeling “Terrathaw and the Quake”, which reminds us of early 2000’s atmospheric Death Metal from bands like Bloodthorn.

Closing their “Proponent for Sentience” three part epic, the band delivers some killeguitar acrobatics on the “The Extermination” part. This song also features pretty solid clean vocals that add an extra layer of brilliance to an already near perfect release. Drawing this release to an end with “Subdivisions” the band really sets the bar quite high with this Scar Symmetry-esque opus. Overall, Allegaeon is one hell of a band with talent and creativity to spare. If you like dynamic and complex Melodic Metal music, this is one album you can’t miss.

Band: Allegaeon Album: Proponent for Sentience

Label: Metal Blade Records

Release: September 23rd, 2016

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Melodic/Technical Death Metal

Country: USA

Rating: 95/100

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