Thybreath – Where the Gods Fall (2015)


Arriving from Spain, today we have Thybreath and their very interesting Modern Thrash Metal sound. Delivering ten tracks of high-octane music, “Where the Gods Fall” provides the listener with plenty of ammunition to headbang their way into a coma. Perfectly mixing old and new influences, this band will surely get any Thrash Metal fan excited.

Opening with the eerie kids chants on the intro track, the band sets a creepy mood that is nicely capped with the high level of intensity of “The Bogeyman”. In this song at some point, the band has a certain Amon Amarth sound to them due to the combination of harsh vocals and catchy riffing. Never straying too far from their Thrash roots, “Deceit and Letdown” is a perfect example of a well-crafted Modern sounding Thrash anthem filled with crafty guitar leads and catchy melodic passages.

As the band pummels through songs like “No Redemption”, “Frozen Inside” and “A Drill in Your Brain”, their song writing skills are pretty evident, delivering track after track of fresh sounding and catchy music that commands the listener’s attention. Our personal favorite “Until My Last Breath” features a reduced tempo which allows the song to build up more organically and slowly deliver some crunchy Thrashy riffs and killer drumming, perfectly paired with clean vocals.

Firing in all cylinders, the band’s bass player, Pablo Alobera, nicely weaves a solid foundation for the crushing drums and catchy riffs to be laid on top in sounds like “Broken Lives” and “Where the Gods Fall”. The band’s cohesive sound allows them to craft very moody tracks which perfectly combine multiple vocal styles and intricate tempo changes.

Overall, “Where the Gods Fall” is a pretty exciting release that showcases how a Modern Thrash Metal album can appeal to both new and old fans of the genre. If you like superbly catchy songs with a great level of intensity and craftsmanship, look no further and start following Thybreath and their very concise sound.

Band: Thybreath Album: Where the Gods Fall

Label: Rock-CD Records

Release: October 23rd, 2015

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Modern Thrash Metal

Country: Spain

Rating: 87/100

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