Deadlock – Hybris (2016)


Coming out of a few very hard years with the death of founding member and drummer Tobias Graf and the departure of Sabine Scherer, the bands charismatic vocalist, Deadlock delivers their 7th full-length release titled “Hybris”. Featuring a more melancholic edge to their music than their previous two releases, this album brings us back to the catchiness of “Bizarro World” combined with the melodic side of “Wolves”.

Opening with the Groovy “Epitaph”, we are very quickly given the first glance of Margi Gerlitz’s vocals, which are actually somewhat similar to Sabine’s, but as the album progresses we notice they also have a wider range, allowing the band’s music to go to different places. This catchy opener is nicely framed with intricate drumming, direct riffs and subtle atmospheric elements. “Carbonman” and “Berserk” nicely step up the intensity level with two very engaging and heavy songs filled with cool guitar leads that ooze melody and provide a nice contrast when paired with Margi’s vocals.

Things shift a bit into the melancholic side of things with “Blood Ghost” and “Hybris”, two tracks that are quite diverse and engaging, combining tons of influences and showcasing Deadlock’s versatility. Experimenting with multiple tempos, different vocal styles, while keeping their highly melodic core, is exactly the reason we love the band and their releases so much. Our favorite track, “Wrath – Salvation” is a very clear example of their very diverse sound and how they make it work like magic, in just a few minutes.

A unique song in this release is the very dramatic “Ein Deutsches Requiem” which features piercing classically trained female vocals mixed in with the band’s usual intensity and harsh screams. This track also features the band’s tribute to Tobias Graf. Closing with “Welcome Deathrow”, the band saved one of the most brutal tracks for last.

Overall, “Hybris” is a very exciting and intense release. The band clearly means business and their sound is as good and diverse as ever. Sebastian Reichl has managed to continue the band’s legacy, and alongside Ferdinand Rewicki, they deliver countless waves of killer riffs and intense guitar leads. If you liked any of the band’s previous releases, you will certainly love this one. If you never heard of Deadlock, this is the perfect time to get drawn into their world.

Band: Deadlock Album: Hybris

Label: Napalm Records

Release: July 8th, 2016

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Melodic Death/Groove Metal

Country: Germany

Rating: 93/100

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