True Black Dawn – Come the Colorless Dawn (2016)


Featuring members of several high profile Finish bands, today we have the True Black Dawn and their debut release (as TBD) titled “Come the Colorless Dawn”. Delivering 11 bestial tracks of ravaging Black Metal, this album is quite intense from start to end. Having been around since the early 90’s under two different names, this band crafts very nihilistic and tight BM soundscapes that rival any other famous band in this genre.

After warming the listener up with an intro, the album’s title track opens the proceedings with great force and brutality. The dual growls/shrieks vocal onslaught perfectly fit the music’s moody and tempo changing nature. The band’s vocalist, Wrath, is of Enochian Crescent fame, and having personally seen them live, he is one hell of a showman and an intense vocalist. The evidence is on the level of brutality shown on tracks like “The Light Goes Out” and the sinister “Cinereous”.

The band’s ability to change gears and deliver slower and yet imposing tracks like “The Ring-Pass-Not” and the mellow “Strange Shaded Sky”, allows them to be quite versatile and have different vectors of aural attack. Other times, their sheer brutality instantly shines with the incisive riffing of songs like “Downwards the Serpent Spiral” and the hellish “The Sectile Shadow”.

Saving the best for last, our favorite tracks are the devastatingly moody “Eyes of the Cadaver” and the intense “Into the Tomb of her Mirror” thanks to Wrath’s deranged vocal performance. Overall, “Come the Colorless Dawn” is one hell of a Black Metal release filled with intense moments thanks to the crushing and incisive riffing, perfectly paired with the hellish vocals and pummeling drumming. If you are looking for the real deal in terms of Black Metal, look no further and pick up a copy of this release.

Band: True Black Dawn Album: Come the Colorless Dawn

Label: World Terror Committee

Release: May 17th, 2016

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Black Metal

Country: Finland

Rating: 92/100

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