In Mourning – Afterglow (2016)


Four years in the making, today we have In Mourning and their killer “Afterglow” release. Featuring 56 minutes of music divided in seven tracks, the band continues to move into Progressive/Melodic Death Metal territory with this brilliant album. Showcasing influences of bands like Kalmah mixed in with elements of October Tide and other more experimental outfits, this release is definitely one of the band’s best.

Opening with the superb melodies of “Fire and Ocean”, the band starts the release with a heavy headbanging dose. Nicely bleeding into “The Grinning Mist”, the melodic atmosphere is very well crafted and oozes to the traditional In Mourning signature sound with a few progressive elements thrown into the mix, such as the intricate bass guitar line and killer tempo changes.

In the Proggy “Ashen Crown” the band nicely alternates between growls and some clean vocals that might take you by surprise, as the first two tracks did not feature them. However, they give the music a certain Post-Rock/Anathema-esque vibe that nicely expands their sound. This shift in the album’s progression continues with the melancholic “Below Rise to the Above” which continues on this Proggy path providing a solid contrast between dreamy melodic passages and alternating growls, making this track one of our favorite.

The crafty “The Lighthouse Keeper” keeps the listener guessing with its intricate tempo changes while being firm and harsh. In a similar fashion “The Call to Orion” weaves back and forth aggressive and dreamy passages, showing the band’s versatile composition skills. Closing with the dramatic “Afterglow”, the band has managed to further evolve their sound and craft a very unique sounding album. Filled with traditional Melodic Death Metal sections, but perfectly alternating them with more atmospheric and progressive elements, In Mourning has managed to deliver a very fresh and engaging release.

Band: In Mourning Album: Afterglow

Label: Agonia Records

Release: May 20th, 2016

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Progressive/Melodic Death Metal

Country: Sweden

Rating: 94/100

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