Tusmörke - Fort Bak Lyset (2016)


Fittingly bearing what it looks like a psychoactive toad on its cover, today we have Tusmörke and their trippiest release to date “Fort Bak Lyset”. Combining psychedelic and folk elements ina a very proggy way, the band crafts seven unique pieces that are beyond original and totally weird. If you are looking for weird psychedelic music, this is probably as weird as you are going to get in 2016.

Opening with the Jethro Tull-esque “Ekebergkongen”, the band sets a very odd stage with tons of psychedelic atmospheric elements and very proggy music. Entirely sung in Norwegian, the music in this album explores all kinds of weird folk corners as we can hear on “Et Djevelsk Mareritt” and “De Reiser Fra Oss”. While one can quickly picture a bunch of geeky larpers frolicking around with their foam swords to this music, we have to say that even this is too weird and out of the ordinary (in a good way!) for said sinister purposes.

The fuzzy proggy vibe of “Fort Bak Lyset”, makes this track our favorite in this release. The guitars are on point and the percussions are quite entertaining. The overall warm and fuzzy production gives this album a very analogue and authentic psychedelic retro sound, making it similar to bands like Jess and the Ancient One and Hexvessel. Another standout song is the playful “Nordmarka”, filled with flute passages and a crafty bass guitar line.

Being all sung in Norwegian gives the album an extra level of mystery, but it also gets a bit frustrating since the listener can’t really appreciate if the lyrics are as crazy as the music. Closing with the dreamy “Vinterblot”, the band keeps things unique, mellow and weird all the way to the end. If you like trippy and psychedelic folk/prog music and are into bands like Jess and the Ancient Ones, Hexvessel, Purson and the likes, then you will certainly enjoy this truly unique and weird experience.

Band: Tusmörke Album: Fort Bak Lyset

Label: Svart Records

Release: March 18th, 2016

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Psychedelic Folk/Progressive Rock/Metal

Country: Norway

Rating: 91/100

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