[STÖMB] – The Grey (2015)


While constantly looking for interesting and unique bands, today we have [STÖMB] and their very interesting mixture of Post-Metal, Post-Rock, groove Metal, and some trip-hop influences. Featuring ten tracks of mostly instrumental music, “The Grey” is a very ambitious release that showcases the band’s originality and solid musicianship.

Opening with the trippy “The Complex”, the release weaves back and forth between Post-Metal and Groove Metal, with some atmospheric elements thrown into the mix. This is the band’s modus operandi as tracks like “Rise from Nothing”, “Corrosion Juncture”, and “Terminal City” standout with a similar approach. The band’s creativity is also their weakness as the album feels a bit random and just a collection of tracks with no real aim.

Musically, the band pulls off very solid and catchy pieces that are heavy and well crafted. A personal favorite is the atmospheric “The New Coming”, which has a certain Post-Rock meets Meshuggah vibe to it. The dreamy and jazzy closer “Only an Echo” showcases an even more expansive and melodic musical range for the band, possibly indicating the band’s future direction.

Overall, “The Grey” is a very unique and diverse album that features many interesting ideas that not always come together cohesively. While the songs are catchy and mostly effective, there is a lack in direction that takes away from the enjoyment of this release. However, there are tons of great moments and solid musicianship that make this band be one of the most promising that we have heard in the last few months. If you like experimental music that spans anything from Post-Metal to Groove/Modern Metal, this is one release that is worth checking out.

Band: [STÖMB] Album: The Grey

Label: Self-Released

Release: January 29th, 2015

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Metal

Country: France

Rating: 82/100

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