Sarke – Aruagint (2014)


Featuring one of the most brilliant line-ups in Extreme Metal, today we have Sarke and their third full-length release “Aruagint”. Originally intended as a solo project of Sarke (Thomas Bergli  of Khold, Tulus, ex-Old Man’s Child fame), this all-star Black Metal super group combines rudimentary BM elements with Heavy/Thrash Metal and a good dosage of Hard Rock thrown into the mix to create a decadent yet truly Norwegian sound.

Opening with the crunchy riffs of “Jaunt of the Obsessed”, we immediately take notice on the super production behind this release as well as the technical proficiency of everybody involved in the album. With a catchy Black’n’Roll attitude in tracks like “Ugly” and “Strange Pungent Odyssey”, we get that urge to headbang similar to what Vreid has been doing to crowds in their last releases. Having Asgeir Mickelson handling the drums, we get a full range of his Progressive skills infused into the music.

Things turn darker with our favorite “Walls of Ru”, a song that has a Doom-esque vibe with excellent arrangements and a very imposing tempo, a similar effect is achieved with the excellent “Skeleton Sand”. Steinar Gundersen delivers some of the best riffs in this release in the eerie “Salvation”, a very imposing track filled with crafty details.  With the album drawing to a close, the punishing “Icon Usurper” and “Rabid Hunger” leave us clamoring for more.

Overall, “Aruagint” is a release that plays on all the musician’s involved strengths and comes up on top with dark and catchy songs. While bands like Vried might be more catchy and direct, Sarke has more layers to it. If you like Black Metal with old-school elements but also prefer that bands explore new and interesting avenues, pick up a copy of this release and be prepared to be blown away.

Band: Sarke Album: Aruagint

Label: Metal Blade Records / Indie Recordings

Release: February 18th, 2014 (USA)

Oficial Site Social Media

Genre: Black/Thrash Metal

Country: Norway

Rating: 90/100

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