Frozen Ocean – Oneiric In Geocentrism (2011)


Extremely productive one-man project Frozen Ocean delivers their one of their four full-length releases of 2011 with the transcendental “Oneiric In Geocentrism”. Featuring over 65 minutes of nightmare-inducing Dark Ambient/Drone music, this release feels like a journey through space. While we are bigger fans of Frozen Ocean’s Atmospheric Black Metal, this album delivers a similar vibe that will send chills down your spine.

Setting off with “The Striding Watchtower”, the mood is very mystic and ethereal allowing the listener to fully immerse into Frozen Ocean’s world. Our sidereal journey continues with the tense “A Chink in Coelosphere” and “Levitation”, two tracks that clock in around 24 minutes of intense atmospheric brilliance. On a lighter note, “Quiver in the Voidrift” releases some of the tension initially, but keeps the album’s flow going very steady.

Our favorite song in this release is the dramatic “Brooks Run to the Comet Lake”, a song that for some reason really got to us as the album progressed. While the previous tracks are a bit more minimalistic, this one feels a bit more elaborate and captivating. Closing with “Fog Delivery Hub”, the album nicely culminates in a droning fashion. Before you even realize it, 67 minutes have passed and you have been drifting through space for all this time oblivious of what has been going on around you.

As a whole, “Oneiric In Geocentrism” is one of those releases that grabs you since the beginning and never lets go. We have to say that being in the right mood for this is required, but the excellent musical ideas and abilities of Vaarwel (the sole member of Frozen Ocean) make the journey quite magical and enveloping. If you like Dark Ambient/Drone music with a certain tense and Sci-Fi vibe, this is one album you do not want to miss.

Band: Frozen Ocean Album: Oneiric In Geocentrism

Label: Nihil Art Records

Release: May 11th, 2011

Oficial Site Social Media

Genre: Dark Ambient/Drone

Country: Russia

Rating: 88/100

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