Wall of the Eyeless – Wimfolsfestta (2013)


One of the most rewarding things about reviewing music for Infernal Masquerade is the ability to discover excellent bands like Wall of The Eyeless. Having extremely liked their first demo “Through Emptiness”, we are pleased to receive their newest 4-song demo release “Wimfolsfestta”. Delivering over 25 minutes of intricate Progressive Death Metal, this band seems to have all the potential to be signed by any mayor Metal music label in the world.

“Flicker” is the first track on this release and it delivers a nearly 10-minute emotional ride through excellent riffs, tight drumming, and an effective combination of growls and clean vocals. The band’s ability to create intricate compositions that weave back and forth from melodic passages into aggressive sections is quite excellent and it is perfectly showcased in this song. “The Longest Winter” comes in with a faster and more direct approach. Keeping the melodic side of things always present, this track nicely combines merciless riffs with powerful growls.

The melancholic “Revulsion Fever” is another excellent example of the band’s melodic riffing powers. The hypnotic slower passages on this song make it very contrasting and engaging for the listener. Our favorite track is the emotional closer “Piercing Mist”. In this track, the clean vocals are quite excellent and perfectly fit the early mood of the song. This mood nicely progresses into more aggressive sections with growls, making this track quite an emotional journey.

As a whole, “Wimfolsfestta” is one hell of a demo release that is very well crafted and perfectly produced. We can’t help but wonder when is this excellent band going to get signed to a label, and when can we expect a killer full-length release from them. In terms of two-man bands, Wall of the Eyeless is probably the best one out there, so head over to their site and start enjoying their awesome music.

Band: Wall of the Eyeless Album: Wimfolsfestta

Label: Self-Released

Release: April 8th, 2013

Oficial Site myspace

Genre: Progressive Death Metal

Country: Russia / Sweden

Rating: 90/100

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