Trail of Tears – Oscillation (2013)


Delivering their swan song release, today we have Trail of Tears and possibly one of their best albums in their career: “Oscillation”. Surrounded by crazy drama over their facebook page and plastered all over the internet, and internal struggle once more has destroyed this band with Ronny Thorsen finally opting (for now) to put the band to rest. Featuring 13 tracks and over 50 minutes of intense and lush Symphonic/Gothic Metal, this release marks the seventh and final release of a great band.

Drama aside, “Oscillation” features very emotional tracks that bring the band back to their “Disclosure in Red” style, in terms of melancholy and raw emotions. “Waves of Existence” opens this release with lush symphonic sections and very melancholic vocals from Catherine Paulsen. The atmosphere feels very emotional and quite catchy indeed. Other tracks like “Scream Out Loud” have a more pop-ish feeling similar to bands like Amaranthe and Unsun.

Track filled with lush keyboards and excellent arrangements are abundant in this release like “Crimson Leads on the Trail of Tears”, “Oscillation”, and the very classy and Doomy “Path of Destruction”. Our favorite track in this release is the depressingly beautiful “Lost In Life”. In this track Catherine delivers her best performance so far. In general the music is quite traditional of Trail Of Tears with heavy distorted guitars nicely surrounding the atmospheric elements. The bass guitar and drums do a solid job, but the vocal struggle between growls and clean female parts are what make these types of releases magical.

It is sad to see such a good band go in flames, but leaving us with such a quality release as “Oscillation” makes it even more bittersweet and disappointing. If you are a fan of the band, this is one last album you don’t want to miss. Through their career Trail of Tears, and their main driving force Ronny, delivered solid releases and they end in a high note. We hope to have Ronny back in another band, and even Catherine since she did an excellent job in this release as well.

Band: Trail of Tears Album: Oscillation
Label: Masscre Records

Release: April 26th, 2013

Oficial Site myspace

Genre: Symphonic/Gothic Metal

Country: Norway

Rating: 90/100

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