Picture Ann - Cinema Screen Sadism (2010)


As we are used to reviewing Metal albums, whenever we get something that is a bit out of our comfort zone we always embrace the challenge and try to do justice to the music. Today we have a one-man project titled Picture Ann and ‘their’ 2010 release “Cinema Screen Sadism”. In this two-track EP we have combination of hypnotic atmospheric elements with some distorted guitars and very somber vocals.

Opening with “Film Window”, we are treated to a very minimalistic song that is quite entertaining and equally eerie. The atmospheric elements are quite intoxicating and the clean vocals greatly enhance the overall creepy experience. The distorted guitars are quite distance but equally gratifying providing depth to the track.

Things get a bit darker and more serious on “Gasmask Ballet”. The atmospheric elements greatly step up to create an even more terrifying atmosphere that greatly complement the deranged clean vocals and whispers. While only lasting 4 minutes, this track is quite effective in making the listener uneasy, something we quite suspect is the purpose of Picture Ann.

Overall, we quite enjoyed “Cinema Screen Sadism”. The two songs presented here show very solid craftsmanship and create a very creepy atmosphere that traps the listener. If you like creepy music that is well constructed and executed, look no further and check out Picture Ann’s creations over at ‘their’ website.

Band: Picture Ann Album: Cinema Screen Sadism
Label: Self-Released

Release: February 5th, 2013

Oficial Site myspace

Genre: Ambient / Atmospheric

Country: Norway

Rating: 83/100

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