Black Messiah – The First War of the World (2009)


Black Messiah is one of those bands that is very hard to determine what kind of music they play. They combine Black Metal influences with Viking/Folk metal and they excel at it, creating a very nice blend of genres in a very diverse album. Every song offers different elements that will keep even the most A.D.D person paying attention all the way to the end.

For example, the album kicks off with an intro, then moves into a Moonsorrow like song, the switches into a Folk / Neo Classical metal infused anthem, then it’s back to the aggressiveness of the second song, and this keeps going for the whole album. I find this very refreshing and interesting as long as the album keeps a certain tendency and does not go into weird unknown directions and never comes back.

The violin accompanies the melodic parts of the music to perfection creating a very epic atmosphere that prevails during the duration of this album.  The whole album provides a very good balance of aggressive parts and offsetting melodic parts. The choruses are also very well used in some songs, giving the epic feeling that I mentioned before.

The only thing that was a little annoying, at least for me, are the spoken passages in between every couple of songs that provide the story behind the concept of the album. But they are not too long and give the right background for the songs, it still distracted me a bit from enjoying the album.

“The First War of The World” is a great album and a very fresh one also.I will definitely be waiting for this band’s future releases and will try to find their older albums as well.

Band: Black Messiah Album: The First War of the World
Label: AFM Records

Release: March 12, 2009

Official Site myspace
Genre: Symphonic Black/Folk Metal

Country: Germany

Rating: 91/100

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