Kaos – Validated in Blood (2012)


Kaos, the Bay Area’s most underrated Thrash Metal band is finally back with five high-octane tracks that deliver the powerful message that the band needs a shot at the big leagues: ASAP. In “Validated in Blood” the band maintains their top notch form from their previous release “The Pits of Existence”, and delivers a very intense and powerful release.

Opening with the pummeling “United We Kill”, the riff machine immediately starts and keeps things soaring high for the remainder of this release. Besides the killer riffing, Jason Darnell’s vocals are top notch, perfectly blending with the band’s aggressive music. The percussions in this song are excellent and the individual guitar work in the solos is top notch, something that many bands fail to put attention to, showcasing the abilities of Stacey Murray and Steve Brumbaugh.

The second track of this EP, “Internal Bleeding” is by far the most catchy and effective song in this release. The guitar work is nicely balanced between hectic and melodic, letting the song grow into a Thrash Metal anthem almost immediately. The changes of pace that the band uses in this song give the listener plenty of time to mosh and go crazy. “Alive to Die” features a different pace, with very intricate guitar work and a very thick atmosphere. We love how Kaos manages to create new Thrash songs that don’t sound like anything we’ve heard before.

“Blood Red Eyes” continues with the hectic pace and delivers a very powerful wave of riffs and harsh vocals, making this the most aggressive song of this EP in terms of vocals. The catchiness is always present and makes this song as enjoyable as the rest. Closing this release we have the band’s cover of Vio-Lence’s “Kill on Command”. In this track you can notice the change in styles immediately favoring for a more Kreator-esque Thrash Metal with some hints of Kaos mixed in-between. We might say that the band does a pretty good job on the cover, and the track is quite apt to close such an efficient and short-but-sweet EP.

With the current Thrash revival, Kaos continues to steamroll the competition and deliver excellent releases that are both true to the genre and also complement it with some more modern elements here and there. If you are a true Thrash Metal fan, you should definitely get this release and prepare yourself to be blown away.

Band: Kaos Album: Validated in Blood
Label:Malevolence Records

Release: April 4th, 2012

Oficial Site myspace
Genre: Thrash Metal

Country: USA

Rating: 88/100

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