Macabre – Grim Scary Tales (2011)


The masters of deranged music and sick and twisted lyrical content are back with their first full-length release in eight years. “Grim Scary Tales” is consisted of 14 tracks, each referring to a killer and their atrocities, which make for 50 minutes of very interesting tracks that vary between Death Metal, Grindcore, Technical DM, and overall madness.

With the opening track “Locusta”, Corporate Death and Nefarious deliver a brutal two prong bass guitar and lead guitar attack that will render the listener unconscious due to the high intensity of the song. Moving over we have the completely insane “Nero’s Inferno”, a piece that sounds straight out of a circus formed by psych patients.

Songs like “The Black Knight” will bring back memories of your childhood and others like “Dracula” and “The Big Bad Wolf” will have you remembering the good old Macabre and their funky antics. Some others have a heavy metal edge like “Countess Bathory” and make us picture the band members dressed like Rob Halford or something.

Every track always has a personality as you know from Macabre, and all 14 tracks in this album feature a vast array of styles that will confuse the hell out of you. Our favorite track has to be “Mary Ann”, a very melancholic piece that has some Psychedelic Rock elements and a high emotional content. The weirdest track has to be “The Bloody Benders”, featuring some country elements that will make some people cringe.

In general, we are very pleased that Macabre is back in full form and ready to disturb people with their music. Each song in this album is a tribute to deranged people with equally disturbing musical compositions, and people will surely enjoy each one of them. We won’t ruin the surprises for you, so go and get this release and be prepared to be very confused.

Band: Macabre Album: Grim Scary Tales
Label: Willowtip Records

Release: February 8th, 2011

Official Site myspace
Genre: Progressive Metal

Country: USA

Rating: 85/100

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