Fenris Cult – Heil Blackgod! (2009)


Every time I listen to a terrible demo I say that it can’t get worse than that, well many times I’m wrong. This month I found this demo, and let me say (again), it’s the worst thing I’ve ever heard in my life. As you can see the title of the demo is misspelled (no it’s not one of my many typos), and from this it all goes down to hell (in a bad way).

This demo features five tracks, that can easily be lost in time and nobody would even notice. From what I assume they are three studio tracks, and two ‘rehearsal’ recordings. Let me guide you through my painful experience listening to this release. The first some is a 7 minute intro that features some noises and that’s it. The second song is very poorly recorded that you can listen to a guitar for 8 minutes and some bad drumming in the background, so far 15 minutes of my life are wasted. The third song features the opposite as the second song, you can hear some terrible drumming and some guitars way in the background. Then the fourth song is an acoustic song (yeah I know!, wtf!!). And the last song features the only thing I’ve haven’t mentioned so far, VOCALS, and they are horrible they sound like somebody with diarrhea, and the music is very chaotic, it sounds like the same person was playing ALL the instruments AT THE SAME TIME, it is just horrible!.

Please be smarter than me and skip this demo.

Band: Fenris Cult Demo: Heil Blackgod
Label: Unsigned Year: 2009
No Site myspace
Genre: Black Metal

Country: Russia

Rating: 10/100

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