Scuffproof – Demonstration Of Strength (2010)


Hailing from the small town of Tübingen, Germany, today we have Suffproof with their four songs EP. The band plays traditional neck breaking Death Metal. While they do not provide anything original or super brutal to the genre, “Demonstration Of Strength” is a pretty solid first release for the band.

Kubo, the band’s vocalist, kicks off the release with a very ‘nice’ message to all the special people in his life, and jumps straight into a crunchy DM riff and some growls. Immediately you can notice some issues with the recording quality of this release since the vocals standout WAY too much as the guitar fills the background and the drums are just a distant banging sound.

We tolerate bad production values when the EP is self-released, so in “Demonstration of Strength” this is not something critical. Since the EP features 4 songs we will use the dreaded song by song review.

The second song “This is My Life” has a solid enough basic melody and riffing to make it a catchy DM song, the drumming is barely present but you can hear some double kick action in some parts.

The album’s best song comes with the name of “Moshpitstyle”, here you can hear the bass guitar make an appearance. The chugging riffs are pretty solid and we are pretty sure the song creates good ‘moshpit’ action for the band on the live setting. Sometimes the vocals get a bit ‘weird’, like when Kubo says “Moshpitstyle” and in the opening section of the song. Other than that the vocals are pretty solid. Ending the EP we have “Endless Hate”, another whirling song that follows the continuity of this album nicely.

In general “Demonstration Of Strength” gives us some good DM tunes, and if they had better production, this release would be even better. The band has a nice sound and should stick at it, we would love to hear longer songs since 2 minutes is not enough most time.

Band: Scuffproof Album: Demonstration Of Strength
Label: Unsigned

Release:, 2010

Official Site myspace
Genre: Death Metal

Country: Germany

Rating: 80/100

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