Tragediens Trone - Tragediens Trone (2019)


Making a huge comeback in the underground Metal scene, Osmose Productions has unleashed some of the foulest and most crushing Black Metal releases in the last few years. As one of their golden findings, Tragediens Trone unleashes a punishing self-titled debut release. Featuring members and ex-members of enigmatic Slagmaur, this two-man batallation delivers nearly 40 minutes of excruciating BM filled with power and hate.

With Skard handling all the instruments (minus the drums) and vocals, we hear a very punishing and despondent style as soon as “Entrance” warms up. The combination of dramatic vocal arrangements and styles with hellish riffs and massive drumming, make up for a killer opening piece. The band settles into a pummeling grove as tracks like “The Bornless One” and “Stygian Fluke” deliver waves of crushing guitars alongside thick and sexy bass guitar lines. Other tracks have more atmospheric components like the cavernous passage of “Cold Depths of Solitude”, creating a very tense and eerie atmosphere.

Inducing chaotic headbanging urges, “Erberchen” is one hell of a ride with hyperfast drums and a whirlwind of riffage pain, making it one of our favorite tracks in this release. However, the diabolical atmosphere and the savage vocals of “Avgrunnsmarsj” create a very demoralizing vibe, similar to bands like One Head, One Tail and Whoredom Rife. Saving the most melodic piece to the end, “Siphon Anima” has that intoxicating mid-tempo BM evilness that we love from bands like Satyricon, but with the signature crushing vibe of Tragediens Trone.

Overall, this self-titled debut release is one hell of an introductory offering from this entity. The production is crystal clear, greatly enhancing the atmospheric brilliance behind the tracks presented. Slowly creeping into the listener’s psyche, this is one of those releases that you can shake off.. and we are completely consumed by it. Definitely one of the most poignant and crushing BM releases of 2019, so do not miss out on the ride.

Band: Tragediens Trone Album: Tragediens Trone

Label: Osmose Productions

Release: November 29th, 2019

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Genre: Black Metal

Country: Norway

Rating: 92/100

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