Mystons – Black Matter (2014)


Enigmatic Finish Dark Rockers Mystons return this 2014 with another onslaught of catchy tunes in their latest release “Black Matter”. Featuring ten tracks of their unique mixture of Gothic/Stoner Rock with Sludge elements, we have been praising this band since the beginning and we continue to do so, thanks to their excellent evolution. If you like a new twist on the overplayed Gothic Rock genre, you will love Mystons.

The band’s catchiness and heaviness is immediately felt with their opener “Coal Soul Woman”. As the main staple sound of the band, M Myston’s vocals are deep and engaging, the kind of vocals that get a hold of you and never let go. The Doomy and Sludgy riffing on songs like “People of the Dark” and “Let the Darkness Rest in Peace” is perfectly balanced with the bands craving for catchy vocal melodies and the overall melancholic vibe of the music.

With dark anthems like “Ride” and “In Heaven or Hell with You”, the band shows their creativity in crafting two very different tracks that transmit the eerie raw emotions that Mystons has been meticulously putting together since its inception. Another standout track that showcases their versatility is the Sludgy and trippy “In This World in your own way”, a piece that keeps things heavy and organic sounding with pounding distortion and very crafty percussions.

As a whole, “Black Matter” has a very crunchy sound that is nicely curated from your traditional Sludge/Doom Metal with a sprinkle of Alternative/Gothic Rock thrown into the mix. While Mystons popularity grows with each release, it is the great quality of their music that has taken them to this level. Leaving us with the riveting “Echoes”, we are left again eagerly waiting for the band’s next musical venture, until then, this excellent album (and their previous ones) should suffice.

Band: Mystons Album: Black Matter

Label: V.R. Label

Release: February 14th, 2014

Oficial Site Social Media

Genre: Gothic/Stoner/Hard Rock/Sludge

Country: Finland

Rating: 90/100

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