Fanthrash – Duality of Things (2011)


The Thrash Metal revival up to date has been mostly from USA bands, but today we have one of Poland’s ‘first’ Thrash Metal bands, Fanthrash, returning from a 10 year hiatus and delivering a pretty solid ‘debut’ full-length titled “Duality of Things”. Featuring twelve tracks of high-intensity Thrashtastic music, this band has a hearty old-school vibe that perfectly blends with a few more modern and experimental elements.

After the instrumental opener, “Allocation of The Soul” brings solid riffing and very firm singing, none of that high-pitched bullshit that many Thrash bands call singing. With a few unconventional tempo changes, this is not your typical Thrash Metal song, but neither is Fanthrash your typical run of the mill band. With some serious Death-like opening vibe, “Forced” delivers a pretty good dosage of riffs and intricate drumming sections, making this a very diverse and highly entertaining song.

The atmospheric passages of songs like “Under the Open Sky” are quite unconventional for such a release, but they greatly work in favor of Fanthrash’s very diverse and unique sound. These ‘experimental’ sections are also what made us like this release even more. Other songs like the Thrash epic “Trauma Despotic” make that old-school vibe very present riff after riff. The overall guitar work is quite excellent and the drumming nicely keeps things clean and neat.

Our favorite track in this release is the high-intensity closer “Rita From The Hills”, forged with walls of riffs and very intricate solos, this is one of the most catchy and well-crafted tracks in this release. In general, we have to say that we are pleasantly surprised by the excellent quality of “Duality of Things”. From a band that was around in the 80’s and just recently returned, Fanthrash has a very unique and effective mixture of traditional Thrash Metal elements with a few unexpected twists and turns that makes them very dynamic and entertaining.

Band: Fanthrash Album: Duality of Things
Label: Rising Records

Release: July 25th, 2011

Oficial Site myspace

Genre: Thrash Metal

Country: Poland

Rating: 85/100

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