Mhorgl – Antinomian (2011)


Featuring a very well produced mixture of Raw and Melodic Black Metal, today we have Mhorgl and their second album “Antinomian”. In this release the band takes full advantage of a crystal clear production and defiles it their sick and twisted mixture of melodic and old-school Black Metal in a very effective way.

With a relentless sound, the band graciously presents 8 tracks of pure destruction that will please all fans of Black Metal. Since the crushing opening track “Nocturnal Blasphemy”, the band will surely blow you away with their sharp riffs, tight drumming and hellish vocals.

Before you start thinking that the album is just one big pile of repetition, you will be surprised on how well the songs are crafted to sound very different from each other and still maintain the rawness of the band’s sound. “Iron Clad Destruction” has a nice Dark Funeral-like feeling to it, just so you know of the quality musicians behind this band.

Besides being on a speed trip, the band can also slow things down and create eerie atmospheres as it’s demonstrated in the beginning of “Essence of Evil”, one of our favorite tracks. The Dark Throne tribute “Necorhatred” has to be the best track of this release since it’s both furious and well structured.

As we stated before, the vocals are completely diabolical and have that rawness older bands used to feature. The riffing in intense and the bass guitar never ceases to attack our eardrums. Even on the “Mr. Crowley” cover, the band makes the song their own and imprints their crushing sound into it very nicely.

Up until the closing track “The Paean of Hangatyr”, the band keeps the intensity to the maximum and will surely get the most pits going from the beginning of this release till the last second. If you are looking for a raw/melodic Black Metal release with an old school vibe and a modern production, you should definitely get “Antinomian”.

Band: Mhorgl Album: Antinomian
Label:The Execution Kollective Records

Release: March 28th, 2011

Official Site myspace
Genre: Black Metal

Country: Australia

Rating: 86/100

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