• Angst Skvadron – Sweet Poison (2010)


    Once in a while we get a CD that we have to listen more than a few times in order to determine what the hell is going on!. Arriving from Agonia Records we got “Sweet Poison” by the Norwegian outfit named Angst Skvadron formed by T. Nefas, better known by his work with Urgehal.

    At a first glance you would imagine this album came straight out of an alien horror movie. But after a few more listens you are able to detect what could be considered either pure genius or just a demented release from somebody that has huffed too much paint. We believe is the later, since “Sweet Poison” has gained a very special spot in our ‘weird avant-garde stuff’ play list that includes releases by Arcturus, Ulver and Solefald, just to name a few.

  • Crematory – Infinity (2010)


    Having formed in 1992, Germany’s Crematory is one of the most consistent bands in the Metal music business. The band has released 11th full-length albums, and they show no signs of slowing down.

    Starting as one of the first Gothic Death Metal bands, I started following this band since their debut full-length album “Transmigration”. With “Infinity” the band continues with their traditional sound, as well as the added Industrial influences they picked up a few years go.

  • Winters Verge – Tales Of Tragedy (2010)


    We don’t get to review too many bands from Cyprus and Winters Verge creates a great first impression with their third full-length album “Tales Of Tragedy”. The band manages to deliver a fine album filled with amazing Power Metal songs that will surely grab the attention of any fans of the genre.

    Not being a huge fan of Power Metal and being impressed with an album of this genre has to mean that the album is very good. “Tales Of Tragedy” by far exceeded any expectations I had about it when I read the press sheet. Featuring 11 tracks of bombastic Power Metal clocking around 55 minutes, this is one release that you can’t afford to miss.

  • The Kandidate – Until We Are Outnumbered (2010)


    Coming form Denmark, we have yet another Trash/Death Metal band, and while they are not bad musicians, the album is super dull and there is nothing to be found in “Until We Are Outnumbered”.

    I always strive to be fair when reviewing music, but sometimes band’s and albums make it too hard on me. The Kandidate plays some very simple Trash/Death Metal that seems like a collection of riffs from 100’s of other albums mashed together in an uninspired manner.

  • Inferno – Black Devotion (2009)


    Inferno is one of those bands that sadly enough only the hardcore Black Metal fans know about, they have been around since 1996 and have released 4 full-length albums and countless of splits. EP’s and live albums. Now on Agonia records I hope Inferno gets the recognition they deserve.

    “Black Devotion” as its press sheet states, is a crushing album that will eat all fake Black Metal fans for breakfast. It’s fast, it’s brutal and it’s basically a full-on aural assault that will make your speakers cry blood.

  • Mnemic – Sons Of The System (2010)


    Opening the year 2010, we already have one album that immediately was written down in our album of the year list. This is something that has not happened quite often, but with Mnemic’s “Sons Of The System” we are astonished in terms of the quality of this release.

    Having heard Mnemic’s transformation over the years, this album took us by surprise, since it’s more melodic and straight forward. While the band maintains some of their signature trademarks they are opening up to a whole new world thanks to the vocal abilities of Guillaume Bideau.

  • In Mourning – Monolith (2010)


    Hailing from Sweden, In Mourning returns after their highly acclaimed debut album “Shrouded Divine”. The new album “Monolith” marks a very big step in the right direction from the band since they have greatly improved their sound and show great promise for the future.

    While “Monolith” features more experimentation than the band’s previous album, it still features a well crafted Melodic/Progressive Death Metal sound that makes this band standout from the rest. Some of the experimentation in this album is not 100% to my liking, like the screamed vocals, but the growls and overall structure of the songs make up for this.

  • Ihsahn – After (2010)


    “After” is one of the first albums of 2010 that I had the pleasure of listening to, and it blew my mind from start to end. Ihsahn is clearly one of the few musicians that are true visionaries and are not afraid of bending the boundaries of music in order to share their vision with the world.

    With each album topping the previous one, Ihsahn has constantly been evolving and incorporating different elements to his music until “After” where he blended the use of the saxophone in a highly impressive way that had me listening over and over to make sure my ears were not deceiving me. This paired with brilliant musical composition skills make this album one of the most complex and intricate I’ve reviewed in years.

  • Troll – Neo-Satanic Supremacy (2010)


    After almost 10 years of creeping in the dark woods of Norway, Troll is back with a new symphonic Black Metal opus that restores the momentum the band had after the release of “Universal” back in 2001.

    Featuring one remaining member of the original band, Nagash (a.k.a Stian Arnesen) the band is back with a full lineup and the purpose of kicking some major ass. “Neo-Satanic Supremacy” is less Industrial Metal than “Universal” but it sill sounds better than anything that the band released before.


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