• Corrosive Carcass – Rot.In.Pieces (2010)


    Hailing from Sweden, today we have a very catchy demo from Corrosive Carcass and their old-school Swedish Death Metal. In “Rot.In.Pieces” this relatively new band gives us 7 tracks totaling 18 minutes of neck breaking old-school Death Metal. While the production is a bit on the ‘raw’ side of things, the overall sound of the band will take you back in time quite a few years.

    Having a raw and gritty sound actually helps Corrosive Carcass get the old-school vibe going for most of the duration of this very effective demo. Most songs are under 3 minutes and feature a hefty amount of catchy riffs, tight drumming and somewhat standard growls and screams.

  • Soufferance, Vision - Travels into Several Remote Nations of the Mind (2010)


    Presented in a lush A3 digi-pack format, today we have Soufferance, Vision’s full-length release “Travels into Several Remote Nations of the Mind”. In this ambitious release, Peine (the mastermind behind this project) presents us with one 65 minute long track of chilling Dark Ambient music, with the intention of taking the listener through a journey through the subconscious and the human mind.

    Having been disconnected from the Dark Ambient scene for quite a while, we have to say that “Travels into Several Remote Nations of the Mind” feels very ethereal and mystical in nature. It might be the minimalistic nature of it, or the dark atmosphere around this release, but it made us actually sit down and fully open our ears and minds to this release.

  • Permixtio - Il Canto dei Sepolcri (2010)


    Labeled as ‘reflective Black Metal’, today we have Permixtio and their debut full-length “Il Canto dei Sepolcri”. Some people might immediately label this as Suicidal/Depressive Black Metal, but according to the press sheet, the lyrical content of this album diverges from these themes. Whatever the actual meaning is, Permixtio shows skills that only more mature bands have, and with “Il Canto dei Sepolcri” we get a monumental emotional Black Metal release that will creep under your skin.

    After a very ‘angelic’ choir intro, the band quickly drowns the listener with the mid-tempo distortion galore presented in “Il Canto dei Sepolcri”. In this track the dense mood is set by harshly distorted guitars and a hypnotic tempo that shifts from mid-tempo melancholy to raw Black Metal merciless assaults. While most bands focusing on emotional music almost never change from a ‘drowsy’ kind of pace, Permixtio goes back into the depts. of hell and opens a few windows while crafting their atmosphere during their songs.

  • Chelmno – Horizon of Events (2010)


    Hailing from Italy, today we have Chelmno and their primitive raw Black Metal. In “Horizon of Events” this Italian beast of a band presents us with 37 minutes of pure Black Metal, something that only a few bands can pull off these days. With high similarity to Mayhem, Clandestine Ablaze, older Darkthrone, Horna, etc, the members of Chelmno are very effective in creating an abrasive sound that will blow you away.

    Like a furious storm in the sea, Chelmno comes at us (and our ears) with waves of crushing BM riffs that are greatly aided by the rawness of the production, making them sound primitive and extremely brutal, just like daddy ordered. While the band’s approach to the genre is nothing revolutionary, if you are a fan of music this raw and this fast, you will never complain about the 8 tracks of destruction packed in this release.

  • Tribute to H.P. Lovecraft - Gate 1: Yogsothery - Chaosmogonic Rituals of Fear (2010)


    As one of the most dense and intriguing releases we have received in the last few months, today we have a tribute album to H.P. Lovecraft titled “Gate 1: Yogsothery - Chaosmogonic Rituals of Fear”. In this release we have over 77 minutes of music divided into 4 crushing tracks performed by Jaaportit (Finland), Umbra Nihil (Finland), Aarni (Finland) and Caput LVIIIm (Italy).

    With a very tense atmosphere that is composed by the Experimental Doom, Ambient, Drone and overall progressive thinking, this release takes the listener into a very trippy voyage through Lovecrat’s inspired atmospheric pieces that will haunt your dreams. With such a rich backdrop of works to focus their tracks on, the four bands that participate in this release do an excellent job in creating truly disturbing and dissonant tracks that nicely represent the Lovecraftian feeling.

  • Mystons – Alkaem (2010)


    Hailing from Finland, we recently got in our PO BOX a very different and unique sounding release from a band named Myston. “Alkaem” marks the band’s second full-length release and with the wide palette of styles, Myston seems to be ready to take over the world and fans of Metal, Indie Rock, Alternative Metal, Grunge and everything in between.

    The first thing you will notice about “Alkaem” is that Mystos has a very enigmatic sounding front man with M Myston handling the vocals and guitars. His vocals will immediately make you identify this band in a second, and when paired with the very diverse and interesting sound of the band, we think the band has a winning lottery ticket in their hands.

  • 11 as in Adversaries - The Full Intrepid Experience of Light (2010)


    Featuring two members of Glorior Belli, 11 as in Adversaries is another great addition to the ATMF roster, and with their debut full-length album “The Full Intrepid Experience of Light” they will surely get their name on the map. As the main selling point of 11 as in Adversaries, we have that their sound is very unique since they mix a blend of Post-Rock/Metal with Extreme Metal and Progressive Metal, creating a very rich spectrum of sounds unlike other band in the scene these days.

    Getting things moving with the 15 minute epic “The Full Intrepid Experience of Light”, the band sets their sound apart for the rest immediately with the different textures presented in this song. Immediately the melodic and yet powerful guitar work stands out shifting from a Post-Rock/Metal approach to darker corners of Extreme Metal. The typical Progressive Metal tempo changes also add to the overall richness of this track and work wonders with the intricate Blues-infused bass guitar presented.

  • Disiplin – Radikale Randgruppe (2010)


    Usually when we get stuff from ATMF we are very excited since they have some of the most different and interesting releases, with Disiplin’s fourth full-length release we find ourselves puzzled and a bit disappointed with the end result. Mixing Black Metal with Industrial/Ambient elements the band manages to create a very disturbing sound that is very effective for a couple of songs only.

    “Radikale Randgruppe” kicks-off with a very straight forward Industrial Black Metal sound with catchy beats and crushing guitars. As dissonant as this may sound, it’s pure evil and creates a dense atmosphere, something that is continued with the second track “Me Ne Frego”. The flow is somewhat hindered by the uninspired and very repetitive “Triarii”, here is were you start to notice the band will fire blanks for the rest of the album since the drums are very dull and similar to the first songs and the overall atmosphere gets a bit stale.

  • Gravewürm - Blood of the Pentagram (2010)


    Legendary USBM act Gravewürm have returned with their 7th full-length release titled “Blood of the Pentagram”. In this album the band continues to create their very disturbing sound by combining raw Black Metal elements with Thrash/Doom/Death Metal influences that give the band’s sound a little edge over the rest of the average sounding BM bands these days.

    However, not everything is enjoyable in “Blood of the Pentagram” since this release tends to get a bit too simplistic and repetitive in nature. The band exploits the raw and lo-fi approach to things and creates a very creepy sound, but it fails to deliver when the music tends to get boring and super repetitive.

  • Kenny Stewart – The Brains behind the Scam (2010)


    With a very distracting cover, today we have Dirty Tricks lead singer Kenny Stewart’s debut solo album “The Brains behind the Scam”. Featuring 16 hard rocking tracks, Kenny Stewart takes us for a roller coaster journey with soaring guitars, and his very characteristic vocal style.

    Having self-produced the album, Kenny handles all the guitar and programming duties. And immediately you can notice that the use of ‘fake drums’ is very evident and takes some merit out of this release but can easily be compensated by the solid guitar work and singing prowess of Kenny. All tracks have a nice guitar driven structure that allows the vocals to shine and achieve the desired effect.


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