Hippotraktor - Stasis (2024)


Berlin based Pelagic record always finds some of the most interesting and genre-bending bands, with Hippotraktor the tradition continues. Blending elements of Post-Hardcore, Post-Metal and even some progressive touches, “Stasis” marks the band’s latest offering. Featuring seven crafty tracks filled with expert instrumentation and engaging tempo changes, this release delivers over 46 minutes of highly engaging music.

The album sets a very hectic page with the Djent-ish “Descent”, a track that has a nice Cult of Luna meets Meshuggah meets The Ocean, thanks to its crafty intensity, crushing vocals and ripping guitar work. As “Echoes” and “Silver Tongue” roll around, soaring clean vocals perfectly add an extra level of epicness to the band’s very well crafted and layered music. The drumming is top notch, unleashing some pretty cool patterns and brisk tempo changes on longer pieces like “Renegade”.

Our favorite track in this release has to be the enigmatic “The Indifferent Human Eye” and its playful progression. There is just something magical when a song starts with subtle percussion/guitars and slowly escalates to a crushing climax. For those looking for heavier things, the album title track is one hell of an aggressive ride, with just the right mixture of punishing riffs and harsh vocals. Closing with “The Reckoning”, the band nicely showcases all their influences and skills in a very cohesive and powerful track.

As a whole, “Stasis” is one of those rollercoaster releases filled with emotion and raw power. The band’s sound is very polished, allowing all songs to nicely progress, breathe, and deliver powerful messages and crescendos from start to finish. If you are a fan of Cult of Luna, The Ocean, Gojira, and Meshuggah, you will certainly love this release.

Band: Hippotraktor Album: Stasis

Label: Pelagic Records

Release: June 7th, 2024

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Genre: Post-Hardcore/Post-Metal

Country: Belgium

Rating: 95/100

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