Six Feet Under - Killing for Revenge (2024)


It’s been a while since we have liked anything that Six Feet Under has released and with “Killing for Revenge”, it looks like this will not change yet. Chris Barnes and company unleash thirteen songs of highly uninspired ‘Groovy’ Death Metal that while not as bad as some of their previous releases, it is still a stinker. If you are looking for the good old times of Chris Barnes in CC, or even some of the band’s earlier releases, this is definitely not for you.

Opening with “Know-Nothing Ingrate”, we see the main change is that the vocals sound a bit different, albeit better, than on the previous release. They are deep and snarly and constant, which is an improvement and there seem to be no attempts at doing squeals as “Accomplice to Evil Deeds”, “Ascension”, and “When the Moon Goes Down in Blood” roll in. It is also notable that some tracks are over four minutes and have a few interesting riffs and hooks here and there.

If we had to pick one track as the most salvageable one, we would say that “Neanderthal”, the nearly 5 minute track, a band record we believe, has some interesting old-school vibes and catchy riffs. There are also some solid guitar leads like on “Bestial Savagery”, which have a nice retro vibe to them. The worst song in this release has to be the cover of Nazareth’s “Hair of the Dog”, which has a nice twang to the guitars but the vocals just sound like a bad(er) version of Ten Masked Men.

Overall, “Killing for Revenge” is just another stinker from this once decent band. It is a shame to see them go down this way, but some bands just don’t know when to quit. We don’t usually write bad reviews as we receive way too many good releases to actually spend time on the band ones, but for this one we wanted to do a public safety announcement on how terrible it is.

Band: Six Feet Under Album: Killing for Revenge

Label: Metal Blade Records

Release: May 10th, 2024

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Genre: Death Metal / Death'n'roll

Country: USA

Rating: 50/100

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