Leaves’ Eyes - Myths Of Fate (2024)


After touring extensively on their “Last Viking”, 2020 release, Leaves’ Eyes marks their return with a new full length release titled “Myths of Fate”. With their well refined folky Symphonic Metal, the band delivers eleven tracks and nearly 50 minutes of superbly catchy and epic sounding music. This release is as epic and melodic as they come, thanks to the perfect balance between excellent songwriting skills, masterful musicianship, and lush vocal arrangements.

Opening with “Forged by Fire”, the band sets a very regal epic atmosphere from the start. The band’s sound is as bombastic and dynamic as ever, with epic orchestrations, crafty heavy guitars and Elina Siirala’s soaring vocals. Alexander Krull and company have been at this for a while and tracks like “Realm of Dark Waves”, “Who Wants to Live Forever”, “Hammer Of The Gods” have that perfect balance while delivering tons of head banging passages.

With a very catchy and epic chorus section, “Fear the Serpent” is our favorite track in this release as it delivers a certain Epica and older Within Temptation vibe. For those that like the band’s folkier side, tracks like “Goddess Of The Night” and “Einherjar” have some interesting passages and very lively vibes. As the band’s musical core is all the same members of Atrocity, we have a very heavy and powerful foundation that is nicely adorned with the flashier and melodic elements.

Overall, “Myths of Fate” is one epic release that any fan of the band and genre will love. The particular Viking/Nordic edge that the band has is certainly well developed in this release and makes for some interesting lyrics. Musically, the band is just tweaking and refining their style, making it more bombastic and explosive without compromising on heaviness and catchiness. We certainly enjoyed this release, so be prepared for a high-octane listening experience.

Band: Leaves’ Eyes Album: Myths Of Fate

Label: AFM Records

Release: March 22nd, 2024

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Genre: Symphonic Metal

Country: Germany

Rating: 93/100

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