Persefone - Lingua Ignota: Part I (2024)


After their very impressive 2022 release “Metanoia”, expectations were sky-high from Andorra’s Persefone. Since that release, the band went through a major change, losing vocalist Marc Martins Pia. However, one would imagine with the main core of the band that this EP, “Lingua Ignota: Part I” wouldn’t be too far from a departure from their original style.

Opening with the filler, and honestly pretty lame “Sounds and Vessels”, the cringe factor immediately set in. Luckily for us, that opener was a bit misleading as “One Word” quickly gets us back to the band’s intricate tempo changes and crafty instrumentation. There are some newer Core-ish elements that take a while to grow, and might never do for some, as the opener and the first minute of “The Equable” showcase.

Don’t get us wrong, the band’s Proggy/Melodic style is pretty vibrant and engaging, and all tracks (minus the opener) have some memorable riffs, superb drumming, and good tempo changes. These make the release still good and high quality, but just not exactly what one expects from Persefone. The harsh vocals feel a bit weird, and it is 100% the bias of us comparing them to the band’s previous release. However, overall, this EP has some great moments, and it's worth exploring with a very open mind.

Band: Persefone Album: Lingua Ignota: Part I

Label: Napalm Records

Release: February 2nd, 2024

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Genre: Progressive/Melodic Death Metal / Metalcore

Country: Andorra

Rating: 85/100

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