Sodom - 1982 (2023)


Breathing new life to older classics from the band, Sodom is ready to unleash on CD and vinyl, re-recorded versions of earlier songs and a brand new one on that style. However, they are not done in a modern and clean way, but rather have a retro vibe with crunchy guitars and the attitude of back in the day, creating a very pummeling and yet old-school vibe. Strictly for fans of the band and 80’s Thrash Metal, this EP is full of nostalgia.

Opening with “1982”, the band quickly takes us back in time to simpler days where attitude and Thrash Metal went hand in hand. The track has that incisive nature thanks to commanding guitar riffs and masterful headbanging passages. With the current band members in this re-recording we get an equally vicious, albeit more refined, takes on songs like “Witching Metal”, “Victims Of The Death”. The band decided to record these without drum triggers and with Marshall microphones and amps, giving the music that extra kick.

As our favorite track in this release, “Let's Fight In The Darkness Of Hell” perfectly embodies the band's musical roots that have stayed in the forefront for the last four decades. “Equinox” is another piece that is finally available on CD and vinyl as this was a download-only track, and it is definitely one of the most vicious cuts from their 1986 debut release. Overall, any old-school fan of Thrash Metal and Sodom will be delighted with this short but sweet EP, and don’t forget to be on the lookout for them touring with this retro attitude in the coming months.

Bands: Sodom Album: 1982

Label: Steamhammer

Release: November 10th, 2023

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Genre: Thrash Metal

Country: Germany

Rating: 93/100

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