Bolt Gun - The Tower (2023)


Continuing the tradition of uncovering and promoting some truly unique artists around the world, Avantgarde Music is set to unleash Bolt Gun and their latest release “The Tower”. With five tracks and over 50-minutes of music, this release is quite intoxicating and mysterious, brilliantly covering everything from Doom Metal to Post-Rock to Ambient. Recommended for fans of bands like The Ocean, Cult of Luna, and Neurosis.

Slowly setting a very unnerving mood with “The Tower”, the band patiently unravels their layers as they transition from Ambient territories into heavier Sludgy/Doomy land alongside jazzy Saxophones and harsh vocals. The band excels at creating magical tempo changes that could go into dark territories or just all-out aggression, perfectly weaving together long masterfully crafted tracks with many angles and dynamic shifts like the brilliant “The Vulture”.

There is nothing straightforward and linear about the band’s sound as once you think you have them figured out, they throw some curveballs like the expansive experimental “The Sacred Deer” and the funky and yet monumentally crushing “The Scapegoat”, our favorite track in this release. The guitar work is quite well crafted and very diverse, making for an interesting listen thanks to all the different styles that are concocted together.

As “A Faint Red Glow” releases the listener with a certain sultry vibe, “The Tower” comes full circle with a vast variety of styles and elements very well crafted together. Cohesion is one of the best things of this release, as all elements sound natural and free-flowing, making Bolt Gun a truly skilled band to be able to pull this off. If you are looking for something that pushes the boundaries and yet centers around familiar elements, give this band and release a chance.

Band: Bolt Gun Album: The Tower

Label: Avantgarde Music

Release: September 15th, 2023

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Genre: Avantgarde Metal

Country: Australia

Rating: 92/100

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