Sleep of Monsters - ΓΓΓ (2023)


In the last few years we have increasingly gotten into Psychedelic/Occult Rock/Folk bands as the music is quite engaging and different to our regular dose of distorted guitars and harsh vocals. Sleep of Monsters falls in this category, with a very unique and intoxicating sound. Hailing from Finland, the band is ready to drop “ΓΓΓ”, featuring ten tracks and nearly 50 minutes of enigmatic music. For fans of bands like Sabbath Assembly, Årabrot, Hexvessel, King Dude, etc., this outfit will certainly haunt you with its gloomy moodiness.

Getting down to business with the sultry “Black Blacker Than Black”, the band sets a very mysterious and yet lively mood. With a multi-pronged vocal approach, the overlay of female and male clean vocals works wonders, adding depth to the band’s sound and creating some lush moments on songs like the gloomy “Language of the Birds”, or the more upbeat “Alexandia” and “Melinoe”. Aside from the band’s crafty vocal melodies, the instrumentation in this release is quite warm and fuzzy, creating very unique soundscapes, captivating the listener as hits like “Language of the Birds”, “The Singer”, and the mystical “Nyktophoros” roll around.

With all tracks being quite diverse and full of exciting details, the band also has tons of influences in their music like the Spanish-influenced “Mother of Phantoms”, to the more folky vibes and pastoral vibes of “Ivory and Horn”. Our personal favorite has to be the riveting “Ædel” and its excellent tempo changes.

Having a bit of everything for everyone, the band has managed to craft very interesting and diverse songs that will never get boring. If you like diverse music with a hefty atmospheric side, but don’t want to miss out on catchiness, “ΓΓΓ” is a release you can’t miss. Sleep of Monsters is a band that should be more recognized outside of their home country, and they are well on their way to things thanks to this killer release.

Band: Sleep of Monsters Album: ΓΓΓ

Label: Svart Records

Release: May 12th, 2023

Homepage Facebook

Genre: Occult Rock

Country: Finland

Rating: 97/100

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