Tribulation - Hamartia (2023)


Just when you think a band can’t get any better, Tribulation drops on un “Hamartia”, a four song EP that further consolidates their sinister sound. Creating very unique and decadent sounding tracks, this EP keeps their catchiness and darkness untouched with delivering harrowing atmospheres. With a signature sound that has gracefully evolved over time, this release will satisfy fans of the band and plant some fertile seeds of what is to come in the future.

Opening with the title track, the band immediately creates a splash with ravaging and superbly catchy guitars alongside Johannes Andersson’s characteristic snarl and thumping bass guitar lines. Quickly creating that heavy and yet melodic bombastic vibe, the band’s firing on all cylinders as things get catchier and darker with the playful “Axis Mundi”.

The EP’s best track has to be the melancholic “Hemoclysm” and its engaging atmospherics alongside crafty vocal arrangements. This track oozes Gothic/Dark Metal vibes that only a handful of bands can pull off, while delivering a few unexpected surprises. Closing the release we have an interesting cover of Blue Öyster Cult’s "Vengeance (The Pact)", with very cool and hard hitting sections in the vein of the band’s signature style.

Overall, “Hamartia” is yet another explosive and superbly catchy and engaging release from Tribulation. The band has really honed in to their sound and are just adding a few extra tweaks to create truly memorable and crafty songs. If you have liked the band’s most recent efforts, this release is along the same lines so you will love it. After spinning this one more than a dozen times, we can’t wait for what is to come with these guys.

Bands: Tribulation Album: Hamartia

Label: Century Media Records

Release: April 7th, 2023

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Genre: Gothic/Dark Metal

Country: Sweden

Rating: 95/100

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