Elysion - Bring Out Your Dead (2023)


It has been a while since we heard from Elysion and their superbly catchy Gothic/Alternative Metal. As their first full-length release in nine years, “Bring Out Your Dead” keeps the band’s liveliness and incorporates a more modern and polish sound to create ten excellent and engaging songs. If you like late 2000’s Gothic/Alternative Metal bands like Unsun, Xandria, etc. you will definitely enjoy this release.

The release opens with the catchy “Blink Of An Eye” and its engaging guitar riffs alongside Christianna enchanting vocals. The band’s sound is quite dynamic and diverse, making songs like “Crossing Over”, “Far Away”, and “Buried Alive” showcase excellent songwriting skills alongside a knack for melody and somber atmospheres. While the band’s sound still has that late 2000’s Gothic Metal style, the additional atmospheric and electronic elements keep things fresh and engaging, as we can hear in “As The Flowers Wither” and “This Time”.

Differing from bands like Delain, Epica, etc., the band relies more on engaging melodies through distorted guitars and supplemental keyboards, while the previously mentioned bands leverage over-the-top symphonic arrangements. Our favorite track has to be the closer “Eternity” and its superbly catchy hook alongside soaring vocals. Without too many complications, the band’s core sound is fun and well crafted, allowing their songs to be entertaining without needing gimmicks.

Overall, “Bring Out Your Dead” is a very solid release filled with enchanting female vocal arrangements and simple-but-lush atmospheric arrangements. We love that the band’s core sound is uncomplicated and powerful, making their music more digestible and enjoyable from the first spin. Highly recommended release for fans of fresh sounding old-school Gothic Metal.

Bands: Elysion Album: Bring Out Your Dead

Label: Massacre Records

Release: March 17th, 2023

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Genre: Gothic/Alternative Metal

Country: Greece

Rating: 92/100

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