Sabaton - The War to End All Wars (2022)


We have always stated that we have two definitions of epic around IM: regular epic, and then Sabaton epic. This Swedish band continues to deliver killer War-inspired Power Metal unlike any other band in the scene, and with “The War to End All Wars” the band focuses their songwriting efforts on WWI. For over 45 minutes, the band reminds us why they have propelled to Metal scene stardom, touring with greats like Judas Priest and headlining summer festivals.

Opening with the emotional “Sarajevo”, the band sets their regal mood quite early with insightful narrations and lush choral arrangements. The first stand-out track comes under the name of “Stormtroopers” and its soaring vocal lines alongside superb guitar leads. This track, and the rest of the album, features more of a stripped down Power Metal vibe than in previous releases, but with Joakim Brodén lead vocals marching the listener down into battle.

There is no shortage of anthemic pieces like “The Unkillable Soldier”, “Dreadnought”, and “Soldier of Heaven” and its bone-chilling lyrics. The band’s core sound is quite effective and very efficient in creating catchy and epic songs, not needing many tweaks, allowing this album to explore more basic and direct melodies as “Hellfighters” and “Lady of the Dark” showcase.

Like a well-oiled tank rolling through the battlefield, Sabaton unleashes their best efforts in dramatic pieces like “The Valley of Death” and the cinematic “Christmas Truce”. For fans of the band, “The War to End All Wars” is yet another brilliant release filled with pure emotion and crafty historical references. For the uninitiated, this album is as good as any to start having a new favorite Power Metal band and bust out your camo pants/shorts to start headbanging to the almighty Sabaton.

Bands: Sabaton Album: The War to End All Wars

Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Release: March 4th, 2022

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Genre: Power Metal

Country: Sweden

Rating: 98/100

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