Ysyry Mollvün - Ysyry Mollvün (2022)


Always keeping things interesting, Avantgarde Music is set to unleash the debut release of Argentinian outfit Ysyry Mollvün. Eponymously titled, this release delivers nearly 36 minutes of punishing Black Metal, featuring a very old-school Scandinavian vibe paired with some interesting folk elements. While the release is more on the ‘traditional’ BM side, there is definitely some level of uniqueness to this band.

Starting with the ravaging intensity of “K’aux Rise”, the band’s sound is piercing and very guitar driven, featuring some vicious riffs and crafty drumming. Besides the traditional onslaughts, the band teases the listener with an eerie and engaging folky/atmospheric passage with a certain ritualistic feeling. After that small tease, “K’aux See Reconquista Ysyry” and “K’aux Lament” come back in full force with additional waves of aggressive riffs and a very oppressive and yet melancholic vibe.

Closing with the atmospheric piece “San la Muerte II”, featuring some very interesting Andean elements, the release leaves on a very unique and interesting note. Overall, “Ysyry Mollvün” showcases a very talented and interesting band that could do more unique things with their distinctive atmospheric elements in the future. If you are looking for fierce Black Metal with a side of melancholy and atmosphere, this is a very solid release to purchase.

Band: Ysyry Mollvün Album: Ysyry Mollvün

Label: Avantgarde Music

Release: February 11th, 2022

Homepage Facebook

Genre: Black Metal

Country: Argentina

Rating: 91/100

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