Abysmal Grief - Funeral Cult of Personality (2021)


Unleashing a pretty interesting combination of Doom Metal with Horror Punk/Metal vibes, Italy’s Abysmal Grief delivers their latest opus “Funeral Cult of Personality”. With over 50 minutes of music, this release is both eerie and catchy, perfectly blending genres while creating a unique signature style. If you like horror-inspired Metal/Rock and have an inclination for fuzzy Doominess, this is the release for you.

After a creepy intro filled with organs and nice atmospherics, “Funeral Cult” leads off with crunchy old-school riffs and crafty guitar leads. The old-school Doom vibe is very nicely set and carried by the enigmatic vocals of Labes C. Necrothytus. One of the signature elements of the band is the creepy and yet simple atmospheric keyboards, laid out by Regen Graves, the band’s guitarist and mastermind. Tracks like “The Mysteries Below”, “This Graveyard is Mine” and “Reign of Silence” are perfect examples as to how the atmospheric component of the band is quite unique and engaging.

Songs in this release gradually get more complex and engaging, culminating in pieces like the excellent (and our personal favorite) “Idolatry of the Bones”. This track perfectly mixes eerie violins, atmospheric keyboards, a very hypnotic pace and a good balance of screams and creepy spoken vocal sections, making it one of the highlights of this release.

Closing with the 13-minute behemoth, “The Grim Altar”, the band again pushes the ante by delivering a very atmospheric and eerie piece with tons of cool details to discover over multiple listens. Overall, “Funeral Cult of Personality” is one of those releases that gradually gets more and more exciting, showcasing Abysmal Grief’s versatility and excess of ideas, alongside their singular musical style.

Band: Abysmal Grief Album: Funeral Cult of Personality

Label: Sun & Moon Records

Release: November 2nd, 2021

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Genre: Doom Metal

Country: Italy

Rating: 92/100

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