Remah - Une Main (2021)


Unleashing a harrowing Black Metal experience, today we have mysterious French duo Remah and their full-length release “Une Main”. Mixing truly eerie atmospherics with ravaging BM onslaughts, this release delivers over 35 minutes of highly emotional and yet disturbing music unlike anything else on the scene.

After the atmospheric framing of the beginning of “Des rêves sales”, the duo quickly unleashes all hell with furious onslaughts of intense riffing and crushing vocals. However, there is more than meets the eyes, or ears in this case, as the song evolves into a more introspective atmospheric piece with lush arrangements and a sultry sax. This duality is brilliantly exploited as tracks like “III” are both punishing and haunting thanks to their mood changes.

Further amplifying their mesmerizing atmosphere with “Les marais”, the band changes gears as “La gueule ouverte” has a doomier edge with even some Industrial feeling to it. The demoralizing clean vocals are one element that truly elevates the band’s atmospheric brilliance, as it instantly transmits pain and desperation. Saving the most brutal for last, “Premier spasme” cranks up the intensity to 100 while still mixing in lush atmospherics (similar to old Diabolical Masquerade/Ancient Wisdom) with blistering drumming and intense riffing.

Leaving the listener both demoralized and wanting more, this release is over as unexpectedly as it begins. With tons of bands adding atmospheric elements to vanilla Black Metal, Remah quickly stands out as their sound is unique and harrowing. Blending unconventional elements with melancholy and aggression evokes all kinds of feelings that traditional releases never even get close to. If you like different and yet punishing Black Metal with tons of cool ideas, this is the release for you.

Band: Remah Album: Une Main

Label: Avantgarde Music

Release: August 27th, 2021

Homepage Facebook

Genre: Black Metal

Country: France

Rating: 93/100

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